Thursday, April 04, 2019

Some Weapons.

This is a list of weapons based on my weapon system over here. The only thing these really affect is your character's flavor and the damage type. I'm also gonna put pictures up on some of the ones I think people generally get wrong in fantasy.

This is basically what you have your player roll on when they generate a random character and it just says they start with: Medium Weapon.

Light Weapons (d6)

1. Rondel
2. Stiletto
3. Bollock Dagger
4. Sap
6. Swordbreaker

Medium Weapons (d8)

1. Longsword - Two Hands
2. Bastard Sword - One/Two Hands
3. Arming Sword (Broad Sword) - One Hand

4. Maul

5. War Hammer
6. Battle Axe - Also small (see above), but I don't want to break the page with another picture.
7. Mace
8. Flail

Big Boi Weapons (d20)

Polearms and a few others.

  1. Ahlspeiss
  2. Bardiche
  3. Bec De Corbin
  5. Billhook
  6. Mancatcher
  7. Corseque
  8. Fauchard
  9. Glaive
10. Guisarme
11. Halberd
12. Lance
13. Lucerne Hammer (Polehammer)
14. Poleaxe
15. Scythe
16. Spear
17. Bohemian Ear Spoon
18. Voulge
19. Zweihander
20. Partisan

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