Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Magic Item Ecology

     Magic items really just spells trapped in mundane objects. They don’t want to be trapped there, but there’s nothing they can do about it. If it’s a young magic item, it’ll probably want you to free it, it will also probably refuse to be used. There are some magic items that are fine with being magic items, those belong to the church though, and they would never let a heathen use them.
     Older magic items are either resigned to the fact that they are trapped, or are completely insane. No, seriously, if you intend for a magic item to be a particular spell, roll to see whether or not it’s an insane one, it’s probably mutated.
     You can talk to a magic item, but you need to coax it out first. Only once you’ve been able to successfully reason with it can you use its magical abilities.
     Magic items are generally some of the oldest spells to exist, mostly because they’ve been left untouched for so long, and if they’re not insane, they might have quite a bit of insight into the past. Don’t listen to the insane ones though, they’ll corrupt your mind, make you question why you’re even here.

How This Works In Your Game

     This doesn’t mean magic items are literally just items that cast spells, they basically have effects that make sense based on what the spell is combined with what they are. But you can't just have them use their effect on command unless you have some kind of agreement. Usually, you have to convince them to use their powers.
     Insane magic items are mutated spells, but they probably still think they work like they’re supposed to, If they tell you this, they are lying.

A List of Magic Items

These spells were taken from Skerples' 100 Orthodox Wizard Spells, and I plan on making a magic item for all of them in a separate post, but for now here's five:

[Spell Name][Item Type]

1. Wending Bolt Shield
    Insane Bloodthirsty, will bash itself against creatures it sees
    Can fly out of your hand and bash itself into the nearest creature within ten feet, it can take any  
    path to do this.

2. Roaring Flames A Golden Bonsai
    Insane (obviously) an arsonist, it will always be muttering and distracting you.
    It can cover itself with fire, this fire is as bright as a torch, but will deal 1d6 damage to anyone   
    holding it.

3. Heroic Leap Dagger
    Sane Has an over-inflated sense of justice, naive, wants to slay a dragon.
    The dagger can jump 20' in any direction at high velocities and stab into creatures, make a strength 
    check to hang on.

4. Embroider Deed Tapestry
    Sane Very knowledgeable of the church's past, but impartial toward them, eager to tell stories.
    It reweave's its threads to tell tales told to it in the past, any story told to it will be remembered, 
    and it can play it on command, you can also ask it to tell a story, and it will happily do so.

5. Embed Memory Bottle
    Insane Hungry, it's always hungry... And it only wants that hunger to be satisfied.
    The bottle stores and mixes memories, and then give them back (If you can convince him). He 
    currently has a memory of some blasphemy, along with whatever other weird things you can come 
    up with, meaning you will have to pass the bad memories off to some poor peasant before using it.


  1. I had a similar idea of this a while back! I like the insanity idea, I went the route that spells will only voluntarily inhabit items that are suitably famous/well-made/worshipped etc. especially for Bags of Holding, which will only inhabit containers that have been used in famous bank robberies.

    1. Very late response, but tbh I wouldn't be surprised if it was at least somewhat inspired by yours.