Thursday, March 14, 2019

A Quick Look at Medieval Fantasy City Generator, My Favorite Sites For City Maps!

Medieval Fantasy City Generator (If the link doesn't work, that means they updated the site, do a google search and you'll be fine).
This site is absolutely amazing. If you've ever had difficulty trying to sit down and draw a town map and spending a few hours on it, only to make a mistake or finding you just don't like it, this is your solution.

The site will randomly generate very realistic city layouts with minimal efforts on your part, you just need to decide what you want, then generate until you're happy with the look. Let's take a look at some of the features:

Let's start with everything either turned off or set to default.
It looks a bit strange, but that's to be expected.
The default when you open the site will not look like this, this is for demonstration.
Now we can head to options and start playing around.

Let's start in layout.
The first option is labeled more roads, let's see how that effects our default here:
It's already starting to look a bit better!
But this is a village, right? So we're gonna need some farmlands.
The Elevation setting doesn't notably effect anything I find, and the random just puts up random presets, so for now, lets just add some more layout options to make it look a bit better.
Look at that!
I don't personally like the look of using blocks though, so I'm gonna turn it into individual buildings. You can find these settings under OPTIONS - STYLE - BUILDINGS. I'll set it to complex.
There are all kinds of other options to further personalize it, for example, if you want to add ward colors, go to OPTIONS - PALETTE. Then hit Watercolors, and Colors (just make sure to turn off hatching or other options).
I encourage you to check it out and explore it yourself. Also, just for fun, I'll add examples of medium and large towns with the same settings as the above.

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  1. I enjoyed this. That generator is killer, and seeing the step by step was helpful. I linked to this post on my blog and mentioned it on my podcast this week.