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GLOG: Garbage Wizard

                Garbage wizards are trained young in all the ways of garbage, these wizards hone their magic from a very young age in order to perform a very simple task: taking out the trash, that's right, they put their sanity on the line to keep your town clean. Every town has a small group of Garbage Wizards set aside for this purpose, and since openings very rarely open up, many are forced to take up other means of making money, such as adventuring.

This is the life.


Among a pile of items, you can immediately distinguish whether or not an item is garbage at a glance. You carry a bag of garbage around with you, once per day, you can pull one mostly useless item out, there is a 50% chance it doesn’t work properly.


You must be wearing dirty and smelly clothes in order to cast spells, for most Garbage Wizards, this is their garbage uniform.
You are affected by cleanliness and tidiness the same way demons are affected by holy water and symbols. Janitors and maids can turn you.


   1.       Summon Manure: More useful than you’d think.
   2.       Contaminate Water: Make small bodies of water dirty and infectious.
   3.       Speak With Flies: You have the permanent ability to speak with flies, flies are difficult to  
          understand, due to their notoriously short attention spans.


1 1.       Animate Garbage
30 ft.     [Dice] Objects    [Sum] Rounds or Minutes
        Target garbage will be able to move of it's own volition, [sum] rounds for strenuous actions, and 
        [sum] minutes otherwise. Objects have a [dice]-in-8 chance of being particularly loyal, this is  
        only rolled the first time you cast the spell on a particular target.

   2.       Amalgapparatus
Touch    [Sum](Broken) tools
       Fuse broken or intact items into one functional unit. Roll a d6: if it is 1 the resulting device loses 
       all functionality, becomes a weird pointless machine. If it is 2 or 3 it gains the function of 
       (randomly selected) half of the tools. If it is 4 or 5 this one device becomes a multi-tool that 
       performs the functions of all the tools invested. If it is 6 the tool hybridizes the function of the 
       tools invested into an apparatus with one oddly specific function: for instance, hybridizing a 
       corkscrew and a sword yields a spiraling sword with a powerful enchantment against enemies 
       made of cork, whereas simply having all their functions yields a sword with a corkscrew as the

   3.       Compaction
30 ft.     creature/object                [Dice] Rounds
       Create a cube of force surrounding a creature or object within range, the creature or object is
       then compresses by the cube, dealing [sum] bludgeoning damage to the creature, and pushing 
       objects into the shape of a cube.

   4.       Become Disgusting
Touch    Creature of [Dice]x2 HD or Less  [Sum] Varies
        Target creature smells and tastes like garbage for the spell's duration. The smell radiates 20ft in  
        calm air, but can spread via wind or leave a trail. Sentient creatures can save to resist the bad 
        scent, but animals will avoid the scent. Insects will be attracted to the target for the spell's 
        duration. The target may Save at the end of each duration interval to negate the effects. 1 [dice]: 
        minutes, 2 [dice]: hours, 3 [dice]: months, 4 [dice] years. This spell cannot affect dead creatures,
        or creatures who either have no sense of smell, or are used to bad smells (e.g. goblins).

   5.       Command Garbage
30 ft.     [Sum]x10 lbs.     [Dice] Hours
         All garbage within the range will leap up and obey your commands. They will listen to [Dice]
        words, the garbage is able to do anything garbage would conceivably be able to do.

   6.       Fly Swarm
50 ft.     -              [Sum] Rounds
         Create a 30 ft. cloud of flies at a point you designate, all creatures who are not at max HP must 
         Save Vs. Disease, and take a +/-4 penalty to all attack rolls while in the cloud.

   7.       Summon Table Scraps
      Touch    -              - 
                Summons [Dice] rations worth of random table scraps from around the world, combined into 
                one disgusting stew. After eating (50%) Save Vs. Nausea, OR Save Vs. Poison.
   8.       Floating Disk
       5 ft.      Conjured Disk     [Dice] Hours
                A floating disk springs into existence beside you. It always floats 4” above the floor and never
                exerts any weight on the floor beneath it. It will automatically follow you, always staying 
                within 5' of you. It can go up stairs and across the surface of water. Maximum weight is [dice]
                * 500 lbs. If you stand atop it, you can direct it.

   9.       Garbage Armor
       Self      Self        [Sum] Rounds
                 You surround yourself with garbage, forming a protective layer. The level of protection you 
                 receive is based on the number of die you invest: 1[Die] = Light, 2[Die] = medium, 3[Die] = 

   10.   Incinerate
        30 ft.   [Dice] Creatures     Instant
                 A wave of heat shimmers in the air around all targeted creatures, it deals [Sum] Damage to
                 each creature targeted by this effect, Save for half.

Emblem Spells

   1.   Dredge
100 ft.   area       instant
            Buried or covered objects rise to the surface in area you designate, [dice]x10ft in radius. If 
            you cast this spell on the ground, coins, stones, and root will be pulled to the surface. If you 
            cast it on water, sunken objects will rise to the surface and remain there as long as you 
            maintain concentration. The total weight of dredged objects cannot exceed [dice]x100lbs. If 
            you cast this spell targeting creatures in the area instead, the creatures must Save or be 
            stunned for 1 round. If [sum] is greater than 12, they also take 1d6 damage and are knocked 
            prone. Instead of targeting area, you can instead target a single sentient creature. The creature 
            must Save (if unwilling) or recall a memory in perfect detail. You designate the memory ("the 
            first time you met your wife", "where you buried the treasure"). The creature will be lost in a 
            reverie for [sum] rounds. This reverie ends if the creature is attacked, threatened, or has to 
            perform any action. This memory may induce a Fear or Morale test. It must be specific. "The 
            scariest thing you have ever seen" would not work, but "the night your village burned" would.

   2.   One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure
Touch    [Sum] Pounds
            Turn a pile of garbage into an equivalent weight in coins. The type of coins are based on the 
            number of die invested. 1[die] = copper, 2[die] = silver, 3[die] = gold, 4[die] = platinum.

This is a really old Garbage Wizard.


   1.       Your MD only return on a 1-2 for 24 Hours
   2.       You take 1d6 damage as garbage juice runs around through your veins.
   3.       Random mutation for 1d6 rounds, then Save. Mutation is permanent if you fail.
   4.    You gain a random Insanity for 1d6 rounds, then save. Insanity is permanent if you fail.

   5.       Every empty inventory space on your character sheet is filled with useless garbage for 1d6 hours.
   6.       Roll d100 for each item in your inventory, each item has a 50% chance of breaking.


   1.     (d4) A random limb crawls away in the middle of the next night, it's become too disgusted to
         handle anymore of your trash.   
   2.    Your body begins decomposing, at the start of each week, you take 1 Con. damage. This effect is
   3.  You forfeit your humanity, if it would benefit you to be a person in the case of something magical, legal, or otherwise, you don't count as one. You're still an entity, and can be targeted as such. If you are not moving people register you as a pile of garbage, if you move than you are seen as a terrifying trash monster.

              I can't take full credit for this class, I received a lot of help from a lot of helpful people, and without them this class would be actual garbage. Thank you all.

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