Sunday, August 09, 2020

Rainforest Creatures - Quetzalcoatl, Famocantratra, and Vukilpikon

 Took a bit of an unannounced hiatus, it was largely due to moving, job changes, and trying to get back into the swing of things. Basically, I've been too busy and this is what I chose to drop temporarily. Anyways, here's 3 more creatures from the encounter table.


HD 3 Attack Venomous Bite 1d6+1d4 every hour Defense 2 Move 15 flight, 10 slither Morale 7 Save 8

Quetzalcoatls use hit and run tactics. The feathered snakes fly in from above and attack a targeted creature before swooping away and waiting for it's prey to die. During this time they will follow from a safe distance in the canopy.

Healthy Venom If the venom can be extracted from either a wound or directly from the source, it can be distilled into a healing potion (1d4).


HD 1 Attack Locking Bite 1d4+1 each round Defense 2 Move 15 Morale 17 Save 6

Famocantratras are small lizards which adhere to the sides of trees with their broad, leaf shaped tails. Once a creature moves nearby, they will leap over to attack them.

Locking Bite Once the famocantratra has attacked a creature, it will remain attached to that creature dealing 1 damage each round after the first. Once attached, the famocantratra cannot be removed except by cutting off the flesh it is attached to (dealing 1d6 damage) or through magical means.


HD 7 Attack Bite 2d8, Crush 1d8+pinned Defense 6 Move 18 swim, 10 walk Morale 5 Save 15

Vukilpikons are massive spiky turtles which lurk in shallow water, camouflaged to look like rocks with their snorkel-like noses providing them with oxygen. They sense vibrations in the water up to 50 meters.

Sucking Breath When the vukilpikon makes a bite attack while underwater, the opening of it's mouth creates a vacuum which drags any creatures within a 10 meter cone of it's mouth to be sucked into it's gaping maw. This should be telegraphed beforehand when players are at a safe distance if you don't want to cause a tpk.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Rainforest Creatures - Cuero, Wako, and Rhox

I decided on a format Im going to use for the following weeks while I figure out what to do next. Im goung to take 1 entry from each of the encounter tables found Here and do a writeup of them. Today I'm doing the cuero, wako, and the rhox.


HD 2 Attack grapple 1 CON Defense 2 Move 16 swim, 4 land Morale 12 Save 7

Grapple The first time anything gets close enough to touch the cuero, it will get a surprise action in which it can choose to grapple that person. It will then swim away under water dealing 1 constitution damage to the grappled person per round until they either die or the cuero is killed.

Description Appears as a mottled brown or spotted cowskin floating down the river. The underside of it is covered in suckers like those of an octopus.


HD 3 Attack bite 1d6 Defense 2 Move 14 Morale 8 Save 8

Description Looks like a paca, but the size of a large dog, and with long fangs. Their call is a repeated Ao.

Wako live in communities of 2d20, 2d6 of which are juveniles that only deal 1 damage on a hit. Thry generally have 1d4 patrols above ground near their burrow, who will call to their comrades, which will arive in 1d6 rounds.


HD Attack bite 1d8* poison Defense 0 Move 15 flight Morale 5 Save 6

*Swarm Each hit point is treated as a single rhox, and damage is based on how many are attacking, and moves down to the nearest die size to how many hit points the rhox has left.

Description A small purple spider the size of a grape. They hide in clusters on grapevines, swarming at and biting anything that tries to eat them.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Gygax 75 Challenge: Week 5

Part 5 of the challenge was sort of a buffet in which you choose three out of a multitude of options. Of those options I decided to:
  1. Sketch out the surrounding geography
  2. Develop encounter tables for each of the hex terrains
  3. Develop a list of system tweaks

Sketch out the Surrounding Geography

It just so happens that I already had a map of the area drawn. In fact, when I was making the hex map. I grabbed a small frame of this map and zoomed in on it. In retrospect, I should've chosen a different option since I already had done this one, but I was just excited to have already had part of the week out of the way.

Develop encounter tables for each of the hex terrains

I don't have any stat blocks for these creatures yet, but I assure you they will all appear on this blog at some point in the near future, be they all in one post or spread out between a few.
Rainforest (2d8)
  • 2. Songòmby
  • 3. Rhox
  • 4. Vukilpikon
  • 5. Suuri Snail
  • 6. Quetzalcoatl
  • 7. Famocantratra
  • 8. Tool
  • 9. POI
  • 10. Tool
  • 11. Famocantratra Omen
  • 12. Quetzalcoatl Omen
  • 13. Suuri Snail
  • 14. Vukilpikon Omen
  • 15, Rhox Omen
  • 16. Songòmby Omen

Sub-Montane (2d8)
  • 2. Devouring Gourd
  • 3. Ccoa
  • 4. Wako
  • 5. Väärehmä
  • 6. Quetzalcoatl
  • 7. Dragon
  • 8. Tool
  • 9. POI
  • 10. Tool
  • 11. Dragon Omen
  • 12. Quetzalcoatl Omen
  • 13 Väärehmä Omen
  • 14. Wako Omen
  • 15. Ccoa Omen
  • 16. Devouring Gourd Omen

River (2d8)
  • 2. Boiùna 
  • 3. Jokaihdin
  • 4. Piranha
  • 5. Vukilpikon
  • 6. Cuero
  • 7. Alligator
  • 8. Tool
  • 9. POI
  • 10. Tool
  • 11. Alligator Omen
  • 12. Cuero Omen
  • 13. Vukilpikon Omen
  • 14. Piranha Omen
  • 15. Jokaihdin Omen
  • 16. Boiùna Omen

List of System Tweaks

  • An equipment and crafting system
  • Stat blocks for most the above creatures
  • Random Tool Encounters table
- - -
I guess that's the end of the Gygax 75 challenge. It was a nice structure, and it kept me more than busy these past 5 weeks. I definitely plan on doing more to polish this setting. Obviously I need to do all the hex entries, but I have a suspicion it's gonna be quite a bit harder without having a defined structure anymore.

Monday, July 06, 2020

Gygax 75 Challenge: Week 4

The week 4 portion of the challenge was to make a city and 5 NPCs within it. Additionally there was determining where the players could purchase equipment.

Equipment is a bit of a weird one for this particular setting though, because I plan on just developing a system where the players craft the tools they need, out of materials that can be found pretty much anywhere. So I basically took a copout and said you can basically ask anyone.

Above is a picture of qhat I have developed of the town map. Apologies for the awful quality but its not much to look at right now anyways, just a general outline of where things are.

The town sits next to a waterfall in a river. If you walk out to a large island in the river, there is a shrine dedicated to the local river spirit, which has recently gone missing. Meanwhile the Great Gourd has sleepers in the town looking for it.


A story teller with a missing left eye. She is the oldest person in the town abd is trying to fight back against the Gourd, though the ties she has are far too small to do much of anything against it. She currwntly posesses the river spirit, who has been trapped as a magic item, for its own safety.

A farmer who has a spastic arm. He was the sole survivor of the origibal expedition to Kirratoupunki. He knows some of the secrets of the place, but if his memories are triggered, he'll fly into a murderous rage and begin to cut himself open. Anybody in the town will be able to tell you not to mention the place around him.

A small boy who has a birthmark on his pectoral. He is trying to save his sick mother, who has become ill with a disease nobody in the town knows the cure to. He suspects his father of not only being a sleeper agent, but also of trying to kill his mother.

An explorer who is missing her right hand. She ran put of supplies and found herself here. The people have kept her fed, but are largely untrusting, suspecting her to have been sent by the Gourd. She knows a secret about (a currently undecided) hex.

A man who has a scar on his left cheek. The father of the boy from earlier, he is in fact a sleeper. His goal is to locate and kill the river spirit. He poisoned his wife because she figured out, he's not sure if she told anyone, but he's made sure she wont be telling anyone else. She can be saved from the content in a (currently undecided) hex.

Thats basically it for this week. The NPCs gave me a lot of trouble because developing characters is probably my weakest point as a DM. I think I might've done alright though, even if I haven't named them yet.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Gygax 75 Challenge: Week 3

I chose to use Kirrataupunki as the dungeon because lava tubes are long, straight, and boring. So I came up with the following concept.

- - -

Kirrataupunki is a ruins of an age long gone, crumbling ruins surrounding walls too tall to see over.
Within its walls, dried out husks are all that remain of it's original inhabitants, all reaching away from the great city's center, where a defunct temple seems to draw all shapes toward itself.

- - -

I went over the word count on the entrance, but I really couldnt help myself.

My notes for this week's project. They're barely legible in this image though.

The first floor is a temple containing damned souls and ways to contact them.

The second level contains the temple's targeting system. Which doubles as a star chart. After all, it is intended to take out angels.

The bottom floor contains the rest of the pieces to the superweapon, as well as the reason this once great city fell. Their blood was used as a final sacrifice to get the weapon operational, which requires massive amounts of blood to power it.
The completed map. With all the room numbers.

Id put all the monsters here too but I didnt have enough time to actually write out stat blocks for them, so there's not really much more I think I can put in this post.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Gygax 75 Challenge: Week 2

Week 2 was rough. I spent the first three days drawing my own hex grid because Im an idiot, which certainly didn't help. But in the end I have a (somewhat intentionally) unfinished result I'm happy with.
Picture is upside down lol.

I decided to save the inking and trees until later eventually, as this challenge doesn't include keying up every single hex, making that something I'd rather save until later.

Regardless, I still have all the required parts penciled in, even if the map itself isnt quite finished yet.


Virtääves äärellä - A large river village which subsists itself on trades from the villages upstream.

Tulemiset - A small tribe north of Virtääves äärellä, They work to appease the fiery spirit in the nearby volcanoe.

kurpitsamaa - Home of the Great Gourd and his followers. Situated at the peak of one of the nearby mountains.

Terrain Features

Tulivuori - A fiery volcanoe housing a powerful spirit inside of it. It is currently the only spirit standing in the way of the Great Gourd's control of the entire region. The Great Gourd is therefore seeking to ammend this by ending the spirit's life as it sleeps.

Tuivauh Pyläät - Some say they are the graves of spirits long passed on, others say they are the bodies of those spirits who were forgotten, still more believe it is impossible for spirits to die. Though none know the true nature of these pillars of rock, stretching to the heavens, all know of its signifigance.


The ruins of an ancient city to the south of Virtääves äärellä, it has only been viewed from afar. A group of explorers once tried to establish their own settlement there, but never returned. It was this occurrence that began to build a mystique around the place, and it has since become taboo to even mention the name of the place.

- - -

Im not certain yet whether Im going to use Kirrotaupunki as the dungeon or try and figure something out with lava tubes and the volcanoe. But that's for a later week.

Also, I'm going to be really tempted to do random encounter tables, but it's already the next week as Im writing this post so I really shouldn't work on week 2 anymore.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Gygax 75 Challenge - Week 1

A number of individuals have decided now is a good time to partake in the ritual many of us turn to in times of boredom, that being the development of a setting.

We are, however, doing it with the Gygax 75 challenge compiled by Ray Otus and Developed by Gary Gygax.

Week 1 asks you to create a series of no more than 7 pitches and sources to draw from when developing your setting.


- “Post-apocalyptic” takes place after the fall of a great nation ruled by a true god-emperor. Cities are built on top of ruins of the once great cities that came before.

- There are no gods. Instead there are spirits of varying levels of power. They are just as likely to control you as you are them.

- Heavily Travel Focused Hex-Crawl. Rules light system. Inventories will be tracked.

- There are no currencies. Instead people trade and barter. Fantastical wonders recovered from the ancient civilization are worth their weight in gold (sometimes literally).

- Ancient secrets lie buried deep in the ruins. Far more who enter return mad or not at all than those who grow rich off their spoils.

- Trading posts instead of keeps to replace domain-level play.

Inspiration Sources

The Waterborn by J. Gregory Keyes
This is where the magic item and spirits system is pretty much wholesale taken from, though I guess it’s slightly unique. Basically, spirits act as guardians of their locations and magic items are just trapped spirits. It is possible for a spirit to subdue or eliminate all of the other nearby spirits thus becoming either a ruler or a deity.

Tsingy A National Park in Madagascar, not sure who made it.
I want lots of neat terrain features like this example. A bunch of rock pillars in the sky, In a similar location in Asia, each pillar had its own name and story of being either a person or a spirit. Definitely something else to include.

Some article about people growing giant pumpkins I read years ago.
Oddly enough, what spawned the entire idea of this setting. Giant pumpkins will be an essential part of life somewhere. Of course the Great Gourd will be involved.

The Mesoamericans.
Not any specific sources, but I plan on drawing heavily from that architecture style for dungeons and stuff.

- - -

If you haven't hopped aboard the bandwagon yet, there's never been a better time given the extra free time many of us have. So no excuses!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Corvid Friend (not to be confused with covid)

You get +1 HP for every Corvid Friend template you possess.

Starting skills (1d3): Lockpicking, Gangster, Scavenger

Starting equipment: A beak, claws, and an identifying feature.

[A]: Crow, Best Friends
[B]: mimickry, Comforting Grip, +1 Defense
[C]: Fly-By-Attack, Wing Buffet
[D]: Murder, +1 defense.

You are a crow (or raven I guess). You can fly in any reasonably open spaces but will probably never be able to carry others. You can claw people to deal 1 nonlethal damage, and can use tools, so long as a crow could reasonably hold said tool. You have no inventory slots, but can carry up to one object of your size or smaller in either your claws or beak. Because of your size, you can occupy the same space as any other creature.

Best Friends
You choose another PC to be your best friend. Whenever you are in the same space, you both get a +2 to all d20 rolls made at the same time, against the same thing.

You can mimick many ambient sounds in nature. This could be another bird's call, the ringing of a bell, or an animals call, but not a human voice. Anyone can attempt a save to realize that the sound is slightly off, and they will know something is up.

Comforting Grip
You can perch on the shoulder or arm of your best friend to give them advantage on a save check.

If you are in flight, you may make an attack roll on an opponent who must save or be knocked prone. Save vs. dex to remain aloft.

Wing Buffet
Whenever you make a critical attack on an opponent, you may grab onto their face and buffet them with your wings blinding them. Each turn, they may save vs. dex to remove you.

If you spend a day in any settlement spreading rumours about an individual among the local crow population, those crows will be biased against that individual and go out of their way to annoy or hurt that individual.
At any time, you can make a call which will attract 3d6 crows to you. They will attack any individual they have a bias as long as you are too.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Dragons are Weaklings

Im going to do it. Im going to break every sacrament of gaming and just go through with it.

You probably thought this was a dragon, didnt you?

Well you're wrong. Dragons are just pathetic little pests that sit in trees and pee venom. But most importantly, they're absolute wimps.


HDAttack Bite 1d6 Defense  Move as Bird Morale 5 Save 5

Caustic Urine Works as a ranged attack roll except the dragon must be above whoever it is attacking. On a hit the target takes 1d6 acid damage per round until they wash it off.

Evasive Maneuvers Whenever you attack a dragon from melee and miss, it can choose to escape by flying away. It will probably still pester you from the air where it's a little more safe.

Combat Actions
In combat, a dragon will usually fan out its wings and screech a few times, and bite anyone who tries to get close to it. As soon as someone attacks it, it will take to the sky and start peeing on everybody until chased off with missile weapons.

Activities Table

(roll this when you hit Dragon on your encounter table)
1. Attacking a flock of sheep. 1d6 peasants will come to chase it off with rocks in 5 minutes.
2. Sitting in a tree screeching loudly and peeing on any passersby, will flee at the first sign of danger.
3. 2 dragons are mating as they clumsily flap through the sky. However obnoxious you think it should be, multiply that by 3.
4. It's chasing a small child around terrorizing them. Just make up a reason for the child to be there.
5. A group of knights are pursuing it through the woods, they are trying to find their nest.
6. Hundreds of dragons are nesting in a massive tree, you should probably leave because they won't be as scared hunting together.

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Warlock Patron: The Great Gourd

Warlock Class

Starting Skills Farmer, Religion (Great Gourd), Astronomy.

Starting Equipment Pumpkin seeds, Ornately carved gourd with strap (as backpack), Sickle.

Boon You bear the mark of the gourd, an intricately carved symbol on your forehead. You can leverage it in negotiations or use it to receive help in any temples dedicated to the Great Gourd. Monsters which are naturally aligned with the Great Gourd will ignore you.


1 You can communicate with the Great Gourd by whispering into any gourd and holding it to your ear. He will only answer a question if he is in turn given information which will further his agenda, this is his spy network. You can find a gourd anywhere a gourd could reasonably grow with 10 minutes of searching.

2 You can smell spirits. The smell of a spirit is unique to each spirit. A fiery spirit may smell like brimstone, or it might smell like that hoodie you just wore to the bonfire.

3 You may eat a gourd seed in order to "lay" a gourd the following day. This deals 1d4 damage to you.

Goal The Great Gourd seeks to eradicate the entirety of the heavens and make himself the only god of the world. It is still far away from achieving this. The Great Gourd has managed to take control of a small mountainous region, and has subjugated or killed all of the spirits in that area.

Obligations (1d8)

1 Subjugate [debt] spirits under the Great Gourd.

2 Make [debt] new followers of the Great Gourd.

3 Plant [debt] gourd seeds in different unique locations. (on top of a mountain, in a dungeon, etc.)

4 Kill [debt] clerics of the main religion.

5 Restore [debt] withering or dying gourd plants.

6 Create a Devouring Gourd.

7 Subjugate a local spirit and their followers under the Great Gourd.

8 Kill an angel or demon.

Patrons Gift
You become a vaguely human-shaped hollow gourd with two holes approximately where the eyes are. You no longer need water to survive. Anyone who looks into your "eye-holes" sees a pair of dancing skeletons and gain a random curse.


1 Net of Vines | R: 80 ft. | T: point | D: [dice] minutes
You create a net made of vines descending from target point. If three or more [dice] are invested, you can instead choose two points.

2 Blighted Gourd | R: touch | T: object | D: [dice] hours
You cause a head-sized gourd to be filled with venomous creatures which survive for the duration. If the gourd is opened, [sum] venomous creatures spill out. They will either be very hungry, or if the duration has ended, very dead.

3 Hollow Barrier | R: 20 ft. | T: creature | D: [sum] rounds
Traps the target creature is an ornately carved gourd for the duration.

4 Gourd's Wrath | R: touch | T: self | D: [dice] rounds
You create a small gourd that is slowly expanding. It can be thrown as a ranged weapon, dealing [sum] damage to all targets in a 10 ft. area. Each creature that was hit takes an additional [dice] damage for each round until the duration ends unless they succeed on a constitution roll.

5 Gourd's Guidance | R: 100 ft. | T: - | D: [dice] hours
You summon a dull orange light (as candle) that guides you towards the nearest safe resting space. It will choose the quickest route to get there, not necessarily the safest.

6 VineLash | R: 40 ft. | T: creature/object | D: instant
 A length of vine whips out from your arm and deals [best] damage to any target. Alternatively, you can grapple a target and bring it [dice]x10ft. closer to you.

7 Gourd's Gift | R: 10 ft. | T: Creature | D: instant
You unleash a jet of water which pushes target humanoid creature [sum]x10ft away.

8 Gourd's Prosperity | R: 20 ft. | T: point | D: [sum] minutes
You make a giant gourd at a point you designate. The size of the gourd depends on the number of [dice] invested. 1 = 5x5ft, 2 = 10x10ft, 3 = a small building, 4 = you can't see the top.

9 In the Gourd's Image | R: touch | T: self | D: [sum] minutes
You turn yourself into an unassuming gourd for the duration.

10 Slippery Squash | R: 50 ft. | T: point/creature | D: [dice]x2rounds
You splotch around innards of a gourd either on a creature or on [sum] 10x10ft. surfaces. Creatures moving across the area must Save vs Dexterity or drop held objects, or, if moving, drop prone.

11 Gourd's Divinity | R: 5 ft. | T: object | D: instant
Ask [sum] yes/no questions about an object, you have one casting per object. You must spill the guts of a gourd in order to use this spell.

12 Gourd's Mercy | R: touch | T: person | D: instant
Cures one affliction - blindness, deafness, sickness, disease, poison, etc. If the affliction was caused by a spell, at least the same number of [dice] must be invested to cure it. Otherwise, the number of [dice] required should be based on the severity of the affliction. You must pour the healing waters of a gourd on the target in order to use this effect.