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Celestial Arts of the Outer Bodies (GLoG classes)

The following set of Delta class templates were the conceptual brainchild of theisticgilthoniel over at From the Pilgrims Temple. I just finished up some bits and got to post it.

This was a lot of fun to work on and I really like the final piece.

 Jovian Arts

Δ: Be selected as an heir of the Art by a dying practitioner. If they had at least a B template in the Art, they can select 2. Only the most recent selections count, and the A template can only be gained when they are dead.

A: Your voice functions as a magical command when you use any sort of imperative directed at one subject. While things like priests, kings, and natural phenomena have no innate defense against this effect, trying it would probably not be wise. If they receive a contradictory order from another Jovian Artist or Rightful Authority, the most recent successful command is followed.

B: When in a crowd, you can speak the word that stirs up madness. What they do is determined by their prior disposition. If its unclear, Roll 2d6: higher than 7 and they begin to party with ecstasy and reckless abandon, lower than 7 and they froth with a collective rage towards the nearest power. If its 7 exactly, they are too dang boring and make mild jabs a jeer at you.

While Jovian Artists are not solitary in terms of normal society, you'll never find two practicing Jovian Artists in one area. Normally heirs are trained to use their powers responsibly, and keep secret from authority figures. Sometimes they work as chancellors. Some kings possess this art, and they are never so secretive or careful about their heirs.

Saturnine Arts

Δ: On a significant liminal day (equinoxes, solstices, first day of calendar year, first day of harvest, leap day, etc.), be brought back from death or near death.

A: You have a sense for architecture and ruin. You can tell where a structure will break first (or next), and whether that destruction is imminent. You can also tell how long ago a structure collapsed. Once per month, you can dictate a time within that month for a target structure to collapse in the manner foretold (which can be as soon as Immediately).

B: You grow a second stomach or crop in which things can be stored. You can read all languages which have no living speakers. You can dictate instead that a structure will not collapse for a month.

Saturnine artists also tend to be solitary. They often find work as soothsayers, of the morose variety. There are a good amount of potential Saturnine artists who never develop the art, since its not generally pleasant to feel the imminent ruin of all human endeavors, and its sometimes viewed as a type of witchcraft. It was viewed more favorably in the past, and lots of old saturnine monasteries are littered about. They're ruins of course.

Uranian Arts

Δ: Cripple a limb and have it amputated  by a Uranian Artist.

A: You never count as surprised. You can walk on any 2 limbs, and can cartwheel as fast as running. Your missing limb hangs on in an astral form, and can interact only with adamant.

B: You have instinctual knowledge of: the names of anyone you see depicted in art, the names of any star you can see with the naked eye, and the precise date and time. Given 10 minutes to focus on breathing, you can at any one time afterwards expel a thick fog that fills small rooms, or a light fog that fills large rooms. 

Uranian Artists travel in small groups of no more than three. Often artists in the modern sense, composing rhyme and putting pen to paper, they also have a keen eye for emotion. Few ruined monasteries exist in the highest reaches of the region, but for these artists it is forbaden to visit them, though none who remain know why.

Neptunian Arts

Δ: Be swept away by the sea's currents, find solace in delirium and survive.

A: Your legs stand wide and proud. Nothing can knock you off your feet save removing them from your body. You can feel sunken artifacts in the earth that covers them.

B: You can call down a horrible storm, powerful enough to devastate a city, by announcing doom from its highest point for a week uninterrupted. You can walk without ceasing, marching even when your body stops moving.

Neptuniann Artists revel in the lost and lose themselves frequently. To recover, learn, and return to it's resting place, is the cycle that they walk. All lost civilizations were buried by a Neptunian Artist.

Plutonian  Arts

Δ: Breathe in the sacred poison until unconsciousness takes hold. Make it back with as little Madness as you like.

A: Your tongue is a sword, in both the literal and metaphorical sense. Those you kill with it are temporarily raised as puppets you can speak through until their rot gives them away.

B: You can declare that someone will die within the month, and they will. The more impact the person has, the more impact their death will bring: The death of a monarch will be accompanied by a great upheaval, such as a flourishing sweep of a conquering empire.

Often seen as ill omens, Plutonian Artists tend to hide their true nature behind lies and ciphers. They are frequently kept as courtiers, though never willingly. It is common, though not constant, for heirs of the art to be initiated unwillingly.

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