Wednesday, April 07, 2021

The Devouring Gourd

 When somebody has taken on a pact from the Great Gourd, they become marked by him. This mark takes the form of a dark cavity in the individual's forehead. Other acolytes of the Gourd will recognize this mark, and generally react at the very worst neutrally to any person bearing it.

On death, however, a curious process takes place on one marked by the Great Gourd. Their body doesn't decay, rather, it hardens and begins to change in shape to a form more pleasing to the Gourd. as this happens, the opening on the forehead of the deceased begins to grow into a gaping maw, and a Devouring Gourd is born.

I'm starting to draw stuff too!

Devouring Gourd

HD 8 Attack Swallow, Seed Sputter, Squash Defense 2 Move 8 Morale -* Save 16

Swallow The Devouring Gourd chooses up to three spaces around it at random, slamming the top of it's neck onto it and swallowing the first object it catches in this way.

Seed Sputter The Devouring Gourd flails it's neck about wildly, flinging large seeds out from the hole on the end of it, and dealing 2d6 damage to anything within 20 meters of it.

Squash The Devouring Gourd  springs it's legs and leaps 10 meters in any direction, dealing 4d8 damage to whatever it lands on, and pushing back anything else nearby.

*Behavior Devouring Gourds are completely mindless, they are hollowed out husks fueled by the Great Gourds destructive rage, as such, many of their actions are decided on a whim as they flail about breaking things. This can be modeled by deciding it's actions through dice rolls. This makes it a dangerous opponent for players to fight, as there is no real reason for it to do anything, and approaching it to attack is a gamble.

Farewell and may the Gourd be with you.

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