Saturday, May 15, 2021

Reverse-Oddomatic Combats

    This post will be detailing a combat system I will be dubbing: "reverse oddomatic"; which isn't technically accurate, butbit almost makes sense.

    Combat in this system has two phases: the attack roll, and the injury roll. The attack roll actually ends up being a standard stat roll, which will be detailed in an upcoming post on character generation, if it is succeeded, or if the player fails their dodge roll, they either deal or are dealt a hit.

    For each hit they receive, they gain an injury. the severity and location of that injury is determined by rolling on the following tables:

Location (1d6)
1.     Arm
2.     Leg
3-4. Torso
5-6. Head

Severity (1d6)        Modifier        Recovery
1. Cosmetic                +0              Overnight
2-4. Minor                  +1               1 week
5-7. Serious                +2             1 month + medical attention.
8. Fatal                        -                You're dead :(

    The severity roll is modified  by two things: armor, which reduces the severity by 3; and active wounds, which increase it as according to the severity table. An active wound is any wound which has not yet healed, and they stack.

    Yes, it's deadly, that is one way in which I draw the similarity to oddomatic combats, in that combat ends rather quickly. But it keeps a few things I like, namely, the ability to put a dodge roll in my games.
    Additionally, combat has lasting consequences. It can put out a character for anywhere from a week to a month in game. If a character goes into a fight without armor, their first hit could leave them out for some time. This puts it in a much less desirable position than other forms of resolving conflicts.

    As usual for my posts about homebrew rules and whatnot, I will end with my disclaimer about it being pure theorycraft that should only be implemented with utmost personal discretion.

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