Friday, July 02, 2021

Regurgitative alchemist (GLoG Class)

Starting Gear: mortar and pestle, chalk, jar of snake venom, Prepared components for 1 potion.

[A]: Extra Stomachs, Esophigeal Reaction
[B]: The Path to the Heart is the Stomach
[C]: Smoke Tricks, Eureka

Extra Stomachs - You have three extra stomachs, each of which can hold two negligable items. As you swallow, you can choose which stomach(s) the swallowed items go to. Items can only leave a stomach by choosing to regurgitate the full contents of a given stomach. Nothing that is left in your stomachs will affect you in any way unless left in overnight; in which case they will be digested, with all that entails.

Esophigeal Reaction - By regurgitating certain components at the same time, you can belch out a cloud, which effects a 3m diameter circle, with you at the back of it. The effect lasts 1d6 rounds.

The Path to the Heart is the Stomach - Whenever you would gain any number of fatal wounds. You can instead choose to permanently lose 1 stomach and immediately stabilize.

Smoke Tricks - You can now change the shape of your belch, choosing what areas it affects, as long as the cloud stays within a 3m radius of your person.

Eureka: - You have a stroke of genius, and can, as a player, create your own Reaction.


1. Breath of Life

    Components - bone-dry twig, aged feces

Sprouts up bushes and local flora in the area, as well as boosting growth in existing flora dramatically. If there is already local plant life in the area, it becomes impassible until cleared out.

2. Aspect of the serpent

    Components - A snake fang, psychedelic mushroom

Intelligent creatures within the cloud must save or begin mindlessly wriggling along the ground while sticking their tongues out.

3. Rising Sun

    Components - a salt rock, wet earth, bird eye

A wave of intense heat is felt a moment before the affected area is ungulfed in an explosion. Anyone in the area immediately rolls wounds.

4. Transposition

    Components - brimstone , pine resin, nightshade

A cloud of ash envelopes the area, switch places with anybody in the cloud.

5. Irritation

     Components - burnt wood, poison ivy, oil

Dramatically increases the amount of irritants in the surrounding air, causing coughing, choking, and a burning sensation in those who inhale it.

6. Sucking Sands

    Components - driftwood, fish eye, baked clay
The area becomes malleable and wet. Creatures and objects touching surfaces in the area begin to fold into the surface, making it difficult to get out. Eventually a creature left inside the area will be pulled in fully and suffocate.

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