Thursday, September 09, 2021

UPDATED: GLoG Wizard Chassis: the Soulcaster

Starting Gear: Ceremonial Garb (identifies you as a soulcaster), knife, birdcage.

[A]: Tethered Souls, Spells +1 MD

[B]: Soul Vision, +1 MD

[C]: Spiritual Shunting, Astral Travels +1 MD

[D]: Vomit Soul, +1 MD

Tethered Souls

You can tether additional souls to your body, allowing you to cast them as spells. You begin play with two spells from your school. nd generate both it's spirit score and personality.


You get a list of spells determined by your school, with the last two being Pinnacle Spells. Whenever you gain a new spell-soul, roll 1d6 and consult your school's spell list. Whenever a spell is gained from the list, remove it and move all spells on the list ahead of it down by one. You begin play knowing two of the spells from this list.

You cast spells with a number of dice called Magic Dice, or MD. A level one Soulcaster begins play with one MD. You can invest as many MD into a spell as you currently have. Each time a spent MD rolls a 3-6, it is depleted for the day and can no longer be used.

Whenever you roll doubles, The spell-soul you just cast moves to hating you. It will still serve you as it's bound to you. If the number of spell-souls that hate you outnumber those that don't, they will stage a coup, causing you to lose half of your spells, determined randomly. After a coup they become content again.
You can choose to do a favor for a spell-soul that currently hates you, which usually involves you suffering in some way, to bring it back into the realm of contentment.

Soul Vision

You can see the souls inside living beings. This allows you to see whether or not a creature has a soul, as well as allowing you to see where an invisible being would be.
Additionally, you can pick up on small markings within wildlife areas that tell you when you're in a Guardian Spirit's territory.

Spiritual Shunting

You can shift unwanted curses or pacts onto the spirits who are tethered to you, make sure to keep track of these. If a spirit with curses or pacts placed on it has taken you over, you regain any of those attached afflictions. Additionally, if a spell-soul of yours breaks a pact you have made, they are affected by that pact. It should go without saying that using this effect on one of your spell-spirits will cause them to hate you.

Astral Travels

You can choose to enter the astral realm in whatever way your practice allows you to, bringing you to a cosmic realm wherein the true forms of spirits reside. Your Spell-Souls guide you on this journey, with all that implies. In this realm, it can be far easier to seek out and speak with particular spirits, even from great distances.

Vomit Soul

You gain the ability to cast your own soul out of your body. This takes the form of one of your school's Pinnacle Spells, chosen at random. Each time you do this, there is a 1-in-6 chance one of the other souls you have tethered to yourself will take control over your body, this chance increases by one for each spell-soul you have that actively hates you. When this happens, you gain that spell's Spirit score and personality.

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