Monday, July 06, 2020

Gygax 75 Challenge: Week 4

The week 4 portion of the challenge was to make a city and 5 NPCs within it. Additionally there was determining where the players could purchase equipment.

Equipment is a bit of a weird one for this particular setting though, because I plan on just developing a system where the players craft the tools they need, out of materials that can be found pretty much anywhere. So I basically took a copout and said you can basically ask anyone.

Above is a picture of qhat I have developed of the town map. Apologies for the awful quality but its not much to look at right now anyways, just a general outline of where things are.

The town sits next to a waterfall in a river. If you walk out to a large island in the river, there is a shrine dedicated to the local river spirit, which has recently gone missing. Meanwhile the Great Gourd has sleepers in the town looking for it.


A story teller with a missing left eye. She is the oldest person in the town abd is trying to fight back against the Gourd, though the ties she has are far too small to do much of anything against it. She currwntly posesses the river spirit, who has been trapped as a magic item, for its own safety.

A farmer who has a spastic arm. He was the sole survivor of the origibal expedition to Kirratoupunki. He knows some of the secrets of the place, but if his memories are triggered, he'll fly into a murderous rage and begin to cut himself open. Anybody in the town will be able to tell you not to mention the place around him.

A small boy who has a birthmark on his pectoral. He is trying to save his sick mother, who has become ill with a disease nobody in the town knows the cure to. He suspects his father of not only being a sleeper agent, but also of trying to kill his mother.

An explorer who is missing her right hand. She ran put of supplies and found herself here. The people have kept her fed, but are largely untrusting, suspecting her to have been sent by the Gourd. She knows a secret about (a currently undecided) hex.

A man who has a scar on his left cheek. The father of the boy from earlier, he is in fact a sleeper. His goal is to locate and kill the river spirit. He poisoned his wife because she figured out, he's not sure if she told anyone, but he's made sure she wont be telling anyone else. She can be saved from the content in a (currently undecided) hex.

Thats basically it for this week. The NPCs gave me a lot of trouble because developing characters is probably my weakest point as a DM. I think I might've done alright though, even if I haven't named them yet.

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