Sunday, July 19, 2020

Rainforest Creatures - Cuero, Wako, and Rhox

I decided on a format Im going to use for the following weeks while I figure out what to do next. Im goung to take 1 entry from each of the encounter tables found Here and do a writeup of them. Today I'm doing the cuero, wako, and the rhox.


HD 2 Attack grapple 1 CON Defense 2 Move 16 swim, 4 land Morale 12 Save 7

Grapple The first time anything gets close enough to touch the cuero, it will get a surprise action in which it can choose to grapple that person. It will then swim away under water dealing 1 constitution damage to the grappled person per round until they either die or the cuero is killed.

Description Appears as a mottled brown or spotted cowskin floating down the river. The underside of it is covered in suckers like those of an octopus.


HD 3 Attack bite 1d6 Defense 2 Move 14 Morale 8 Save 8

Description Looks like a paca, but the size of a large dog, and with long fangs. Their call is a repeated Ao.

Wako live in communities of 2d20, 2d6 of which are juveniles that only deal 1 damage on a hit. Thry generally have 1d4 patrols above ground near their burrow, who will call to their comrades, which will arive in 1d6 rounds.


HD Attack bite 1d8* poison Defense 0 Move 15 flight Morale 5 Save 6

*Swarm Each hit point is treated as a single rhox, and damage is based on how many are attacking, and moves down to the nearest die size to how many hit points the rhox has left.

Description A small purple spider the size of a grape. They hide in clusters on grapevines, swarming at and biting anything that tries to eat them.

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