Monday, June 29, 2020

Gygax 75 Challenge: Week 3

I chose to use Kirrataupunki as the dungeon because lava tubes are long, straight, and boring. So I came up with the following concept.

- - -

Kirrataupunki is a ruins of an age long gone, crumbling ruins surrounding walls too tall to see over.
Within its walls, dried out husks are all that remain of it's original inhabitants, all reaching away from the great city's center, where a defunct temple seems to draw all shapes toward itself.

- - -

I went over the word count on the entrance, but I really couldnt help myself.

My notes for this week's project. They're barely legible in this image though.

The first floor is a temple containing damned souls and ways to contact them.

The second level contains the temple's targeting system. Which doubles as a star chart. After all, it is intended to take out angels.

The bottom floor contains the rest of the pieces to the superweapon, as well as the reason this once great city fell. Their blood was used as a final sacrifice to get the weapon operational, which requires massive amounts of blood to power it.
The completed map. With all the room numbers.

Id put all the monsters here too but I didnt have enough time to actually write out stat blocks for them, so there's not really much more I think I can put in this post.

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