Thursday, May 07, 2020

Warlock Patron: The Great Gourd

Warlock Class

Starting Skills Farmer, Religion (Great Gourd), Astronomy.

Starting Equipment Pumpkin seeds, Ornately carved gourd with strap (as backpack), Sickle.

Boon You bear the mark of the gourd, an intricately carved symbol on your forehead. You can leverage it in negotiations or use it to receive help in any temples dedicated to the Great Gourd. Monsters which are naturally aligned with the Great Gourd will ignore you.


1 You can communicate with the Great Gourd by whispering into any gourd and holding it to your ear. He will only answer a question if he is in turn given information which will further his agenda, this is his spy network. You can find a gourd anywhere a gourd could reasonably grow with 10 minutes of searching.

2 You can smell spirits. The smell of a spirit is unique to each spirit. A fiery spirit may smell like brimstone, or it might smell like that hoodie you just wore to the bonfire.

3 You may eat a gourd seed in order to "lay" a gourd the following day. This deals 1d4 damage to you.

Goal The Great Gourd seeks to eradicate the entirety of the heavens and make himself the only god of the world. It is still far away from achieving this. The Great Gourd has managed to take control of a small mountainous region, and has subjugated or killed all of the spirits in that area.

Obligations (1d8)

1 Subjugate [debt] spirits under the Great Gourd.

2 Make [debt] new followers of the Great Gourd.

3 Plant [debt] gourd seeds in different unique locations. (on top of a mountain, in a dungeon, etc.)

4 Kill [debt] clerics of the main religion.

5 Restore [debt] withering or dying gourd plants.

6 Create a Devouring Gourd.

7 Subjugate a local spirit and their followers under the Great Gourd.

8 Kill an angel or demon.

Patrons Gift
You become a vaguely human-shaped hollow gourd with two holes approximately where the eyes are. You no longer need water to survive. Anyone who looks into your "eye-holes" sees a pair of dancing skeletons and gain a random curse.


1 Net of Vines | R: 80 ft. | T: point | D: [dice] minutes
You create a net made of vines descending from target point. If three or more [dice] are invested, you can instead choose two points.

2 Blighted Gourd | R: touch | T: object | D: [dice] hours
You cause a head-sized gourd to be filled with venomous creatures which survive for the duration. If the gourd is opened, [sum] venomous creatures spill out. They will either be very hungry, or if the duration has ended, very dead.

3 Hollow Barrier | R: 20 ft. | T: creature | D: [sum] rounds
Traps the target creature is an ornately carved gourd for the duration.

4 Gourd's Wrath | R: touch | T: self | D: [dice] rounds
You create a small gourd that is slowly expanding. It can be thrown as a ranged weapon, dealing [sum] damage to all targets in a 10 ft. area. Each creature that was hit takes an additional [dice] damage for each round until the duration ends unless they succeed on a constitution roll.

5 Gourd's Guidance | R: 100 ft. | T: - | D: [dice] hours
You summon a dull orange light (as candle) that guides you towards the nearest safe resting space. It will choose the quickest route to get there, not necessarily the safest.

6 VineLash | R: 40 ft. | T: creature/object | D: instant
 A length of vine whips out from your arm and deals [best] damage to any target. Alternatively, you can grapple a target and bring it [dice]x10ft. closer to you.

7 Gourd's Gift | R: 10 ft. | T: Creature | D: instant
You unleash a jet of water which pushes target humanoid creature [sum]x10ft away.

8 Gourd's Prosperity | R: 20 ft. | T: point | D: [sum] minutes
You make a giant gourd at a point you designate. The size of the gourd depends on the number of [dice] invested. 1 = 5x5ft, 2 = 10x10ft, 3 = a small building, 4 = you can't see the top.

9 In the Gourd's Image | R: touch | T: self | D: [sum] minutes
You turn yourself into an unassuming gourd for the duration.

10 Slippery Squash | R: 50 ft. | T: point/creature | D: [dice]x2rounds
You splotch around innards of a gourd either on a creature or on [sum] 10x10ft. surfaces. Creatures moving across the area must Save vs Dexterity or drop held objects, or, if moving, drop prone.

11 Gourd's Divinity | R: 5 ft. | T: object | D: instant
Ask [sum] yes/no questions about an object, you have one casting per object. You must spill the guts of a gourd in order to use this spell.

12 Gourd's Mercy | R: touch | T: person | D: instant
Cures one affliction - blindness, deafness, sickness, disease, poison, etc. If the affliction was caused by a spell, at least the same number of [dice] must be invested to cure it. Otherwise, the number of [dice] required should be based on the severity of the affliction. You must pour the healing waters of a gourd on the target in order to use this effect.

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