Thursday, May 14, 2020

Dragons are Weaklings

Im going to do it. Im going to break every sacrament of gaming and just go through with it.

You probably thought this was a dragon, didnt you?

Well you're wrong. Dragons are just pathetic little pests that sit in trees and pee venom. But most importantly, they're absolute wimps.


HDAttack Bite 1d6 Defense  Move as Bird Morale 5 Save 5

Caustic Urine Works as a ranged attack roll except the dragon must be above whoever it is attacking. On a hit the target takes 1d6 acid damage per round until they wash it off.

Evasive Maneuvers Whenever you attack a dragon from melee and miss, it can choose to escape by flying away. It will probably still pester you from the air where it's a little more safe.

Combat Actions
In combat, a dragon will usually fan out its wings and screech a few times, and bite anyone who tries to get close to it. As soon as someone attacks it, it will take to the sky and start peeing on everybody until chased off with missile weapons.

Activities Table

(roll this when you hit Dragon on your encounter table)
1. Attacking a flock of sheep. 1d6 peasants will come to chase it off with rocks in 5 minutes.
2. Sitting in a tree screeching loudly and peeing on any passersby, will flee at the first sign of danger.
3. 2 dragons are mating as they clumsily flap through the sky. However obnoxious you think it should be, multiply that by 3.
4. It's chasing a small child around terrorizing them. Just make up a reason for the child to be there.
5. A group of knights are pursuing it through the woods, they are trying to find their nest.
6. Hundreds of dragons are nesting in a massive tree, you should probably leave because they won't be as scared hunting together.

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  1. Very nicely done.

    Would use for zero-level funnels and just for laughs!