Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Corvid Friend (not to be confused with covid)

You get +1 HP for every Corvid Friend template you possess.

Starting skills (1d3): Lockpicking, Gangster, Scavenger

Starting equipment: A beak, claws, and an identifying feature.

[A]: Crow, Best Friends
[B]: mimickry, Comforting Grip, +1 Defense
[C]: Fly-By-Attack, Wing Buffet
[D]: Murder, +1 defense.

You are a crow (or raven I guess). You can fly in any reasonably open spaces but will probably never be able to carry others. You can claw people to deal 1 nonlethal damage, and can use tools, so long as a crow could reasonably hold said tool. You have no inventory slots, but can carry up to one object of your size or smaller in either your claws or beak. Because of your size, you can occupy the same space as any other creature.

Best Friends
You choose another PC to be your best friend. Whenever you are in the same space, you both get a +2 to all d20 rolls made at the same time, against the same thing.

You can mimick many ambient sounds in nature. This could be another bird's call, the ringing of a bell, or an animals call, but not a human voice. Anyone can attempt a save to realize that the sound is slightly off, and they will know something is up.

Comforting Grip
You can perch on the shoulder or arm of your best friend to give them advantage on a save check.

If you are in flight, you may make an attack roll on an opponent who must save or be knocked prone. Save vs. dex to remain aloft.

Wing Buffet
Whenever you make a critical attack on an opponent, you may grab onto their face and buffet them with your wings blinding them. Each turn, they may save vs. dex to remove you.

If you spend a day in any settlement spreading rumours about an individual among the local crow population, those crows will be biased against that individual and go out of their way to annoy or hurt that individual.
At any time, you can make a call which will attract 3d6 crows to you. They will attack any individual they have a bias as long as you are too.

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