Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Bard Generator

So I sort of mentioned in my Hexcounter Table post that tool encounters include travelling bards, which is pretty much just this idea but for a travel-based game. Anyways, I figured if I'm going to have bards be a possibility, I may as well make a table of random bards, Perhaps this will all be turned into a document with all kinds of sub-tables but for now here's more content.

1. Viol
2. Hurdy Gurdy
3. Banjo
4. Recorder
5. Crumhorn
6. Flute
7. Lute
8. Pipe and Tabor
9. Nakers
10. Bagpipes
11. Fiddle
12. Lyre
13. Sackbut
14. Zampogna
15. Adufe
16. Harp
17. Shawm
18. Psaltery
19. Rebec
20. Cittern

1. Overly gaudy with a floppy hat
2. Farmers clothes. But is it only a disguise?
3. Clothing made of patches. Each one has a story
4. Extremely anachronistic. Knows of things forgotten by time
5. An untied straitjacket. The mutterings are best left unheard
6. Soaked and smells of the sea. Hums mermaid songs
7. Walks on a pair of stilts. Specializes in tall tales
8. Dressed as a mime. Tells all rumors in charades

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