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Hexcounter Tables

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Exploration Rules

Each hex has a d12 encounter table (maybe this is too much?), the first six things are the interesting and cool hard to find stuff, so a town isn’t going to be on this list, but the secret shrine to the blasphemous blood god in the surrounding woodlands would be. When you choose to explore rather than just wander through the hex, remove the last six entries from this encounter table. This means that you are guaranteed to encounter at least one interesting thing.

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There are a few problems with this. Mainly being that I was right when posting that. Thats way too many entries per hex, even trying to key a small hex map would take ages.

So I came up with a solution. That being Unification.

An Explanation

Alright, so to start with, take your world map, and divide it into a set of regions. You can do this based on climate or theme. The jungle will be separated from the desert, and the fairy tale land with knights and dragons will be separated from the place with samurai and giant skeletons that eat people.
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After that you write an encounter table with the following entries:


1-4. Regional Encounter Omen
5-8. Regional Encounter
9. Tool Encounter
10. POI Omen
11-12. POI

Regional Encounters
For the most part these are just like any other encounter table you'd see, a list of things that you'd be likely to see in the area, and have the potential to turn deadly.

You're going to want to either make it 
vague, or put a small list of subtables. The idea is that you can generate plot hooks or a mini story element off of what's going on in the region, making repeated rolls more interesting.

Tool Encounters
Sort of like regional encounters, but these ones are only ever useful. Something like abandoned adventuring equipment in the ditch. Or perhaps a wandering minstrel you can get information from, while getting your own name out there.

The points of interest, these aren't fixed entries on the table. Basically whatever the interesting part of the hex is is on here. And if you get an omen of it, you'll have a much better idea of what's going on, giving them more information for later.

If the players arent using their explore action while in the hex, you roll a d10 instead of a d12 for any encounter rolls made during that watch.

There are certain things that should never be put on the encounter table though. Settlements, lakes, rivers and other auch things are not as easily missed as an abandoned mineshaft covered in vegetation which now houses a haunted pile of unrefined gold, or the secret underground murder chamber of the seemingly nice village idiot.

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Thoughts, comments, questions? Better ideas? Put them in the comments part of this post to help me and others steal from them.

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