Thursday, March 12, 2020

Combat Rules - Cementing My GLOG Hack Maybe?

Before I've even started drafting this these rules are already in the google docs of my GLOG hack. But why not write about some of why I made them?

I've basically taken the idea of Pathfinder 2e's Action Economy and dumbed it down a lot. For example, you get 2 actions rather than 3, most things only take 1 action, it's nowhere near as wordy considering it doesn't quite even fill half a page.


Combat is divided into actions. You have 2 actions during each round during which you can perform any of the following activities:
  • Make an attack roll
  • Cast a spell
  • Move 30 meters
  • Pull an item out of a quick inventory slot
  • Use a consumable
  • Combat Maneuvers
Activities that use 2 actions:
  • Pull an item out of a general inventory slot
  • Tying a knot, climbing a wall, setting up the weird trap, etc.
Anyways, Im going to get into a little more of what each action entails.
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Melee and Ranged opposed checks basically. Also of note, I don't really do penalties for range increments on ranged attacks. It's messy and I usually do theater of the mind stuff anyways. As long as it's feasible you can make an attack, do it.

Doing your wavey-hand chanty stuff. Yes you can cast two spells in a round. What's the big deal? You're just that much more likely to die a horrible wizard death.

What's up with the 30 meters thing?
Meters are neater than 5ft. and besides that, I don't use squares anyways, I measure the distance with a string if I even bother to measure at all. This is really only here for if I decide to ever use battlemaps, as I usually do theater of the mind stuff.

Quick Inventory Slots
The first three inventory slots. Their numbers are in bold text to make it even easier to see. Basically this is the stuff that's in a quick to grab area, like your sword sitting in the scabbard at your side or the potion strapped to your belt.

Use a Consumable
Okay, you just pulled that potion off your belt. Now chug it. That's your second action.

Combat Maneuvers
Tripping, disarming, throwing your pommel, etc. The kinds of stuff that's not an attack but also kind of an attack. You could spend your turn wresting someone to the ground then stabbing them with your dagger, for example.

General Inventory Slots
I mean, only six seconds to dig around in your bag is generous to be honest.

Basically anything that takes time
That's more or less what the last part is. Mostly up to GM discretion. You might think stuff like climbing should be part of move, sure do that, why not.

_   _   _

It seems like it would be easier to understand to me at least. Traditionally you have your move action and your standard action. Each one has different activities that can be done during that time, and the players have to be told they can do other things, at least in my experience.

With this method, it's just: Alright, what two things do you want to do this turn.

While as written, you can do the same thing twice in a turn, keep in mind that that's all you get to do that turn. Though if you wanted you could just rule you can't do the same action twice. I personally like the idea you can just do something twice though. It adds a little bit less rigidity to the system.

I both do and don't like the two actions activities. On the one hand, it makes sense they'd take longer. On the other hand, perhaps it encourages players not to do that kind of thing? digging through your bag, and setting a tripwire takes two full turns, meaning you're maybe less likely to do that kind of thing. It's not like its bad to do that, but a player may consider that a less optimal choice in the moment when its maybe a better choice.

That's a communication thing though. You can let your players know that kind of thing. Sort of like the sheet of player tips that I can't seem to find.

Anyways, if you have any thoughts, please shoot it into the comments. It's not that Im not open to discussing things elsewhere, but I feel it's useful for questions and ideas to be shared along with what promted them.


  1. Great stuff. I like the simplicity of "essentially, you can do 2 things on your turn. Go".
    What are your thoughts on the combination of an action economy where you can attack twice on your go and extra attack features?

    1. Extra attack features are kind of dumb tbh. You're basically telling a class that all you're good at is hitting things.

  2. I'd prefer to have rules that encourage doing weird things over attack-spam. Maybe have some specific traits/abilities/setups that allow doubling up of actions. For instance, duel-wielding means you can spend all of your actions attacking.