Friday, March 06, 2020

the 'Not Deer'

        A nameless traveler directed his cart down a path, a steady clip clop keeping him company along with the occasional whinny from his horses or snore from his sleeping companions.
     The foggy night brought a lull to the journey and, in trying to fight off sleep, the traveler noticed a mild curiosity. In the middle of the road, far off in the distance, stood a deer, utterly still, outlined by the moon and the creeping fog. He wrote it off, figuring it would scare off eventually, and continued to listen to the steady rhythm of the horse's hooves.
     The traveler glanced at the deer again, it had not moved but somehow looked different. He brushed it aside. His mind must have been playing tricks on him, so he chose to ignore it.
     Eventually, curiosity got the better of him and he looked again. It remained still, then it seemed to morph before his eyes as he noticed new details he hadn't seen before. Both fascinated and horrified, he was torn between the desire to see more, or the urge to flee in terror.
     As the traveler got closer to the deer, its flesh began to replace what was once silhouette. Its true appearance revealed to him, he realized that this thing was not a deer, and had never been one, but by then it was too late.
     It turned towards him and smiled.
Stolen from Here.
     Most consider the 'Not Deer' to be a mere legend, but as any old kook who has spent significant time in the mountains will tell you, it's very much real, than again, who would trust the word of a crazy man?
     Though its exact form varies, all 'not deer's have the approximate appearance of a deer, by looking long or hard enough however, one begins to notice things that make it look not quite like a deer.
     They only pick a fight if their prey is alone, if multiple people are present it will run away as soon as one of them notices something off about it.

The 'Not Deer'

HD 2 Attack 12 Defense 13 Move 15 Morale 4 Save 12
Special Frightening Presence

Frightening Presence - when first seen, PCs must save vs. fleeing. NPCs and hirelings must make a morale check at a -4 penalty.

What Makes it Look Funny?
(2d10) on a repeated result make it more pronounced.
1. Its limbs are too long.
2. Its joints are backwards.
3. It doesn't cast a shadow.
4. It casts multiple shadows.
5. It has short tentacles dangling from its mouth.
6. It has human feet.
7. Its body is covered in cancerous lumps.
8. Instead of fur its skin is covered in thousands of tiny teeth.
9. There are sharp edges where there shouldn't be. Like a poorly made 3d model.
10. It moves in spasmatic, deliberate twitches.

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