Monday, June 22, 2020

Gygax 75 Challenge: Week 2

Week 2 was rough. I spent the first three days drawing my own hex grid because Im an idiot, which certainly didn't help. But in the end I have a (somewhat intentionally) unfinished result I'm happy with.
Picture is upside down lol.

I decided to save the inking and trees until later eventually, as this challenge doesn't include keying up every single hex, making that something I'd rather save until later.

Regardless, I still have all the required parts penciled in, even if the map itself isnt quite finished yet.


Virtääves äärellä - A large river village which subsists itself on trades from the villages upstream.

Tulemiset - A small tribe north of Virtääves äärellä, They work to appease the fiery spirit in the nearby volcanoe.

kurpitsamaa - Home of the Great Gourd and his followers. Situated at the peak of one of the nearby mountains.

Terrain Features

Tulivuori - A fiery volcanoe housing a powerful spirit inside of it. It is currently the only spirit standing in the way of the Great Gourd's control of the entire region. The Great Gourd is therefore seeking to ammend this by ending the spirit's life as it sleeps.

Tuivauh Pyläät - Some say they are the graves of spirits long passed on, others say they are the bodies of those spirits who were forgotten, still more believe it is impossible for spirits to die. Though none know the true nature of these pillars of rock, stretching to the heavens, all know of its signifigance.


The ruins of an ancient city to the south of Virtääves äärellä, it has only been viewed from afar. A group of explorers once tried to establish their own settlement there, but never returned. It was this occurrence that began to build a mystique around the place, and it has since become taboo to even mention the name of the place.

- - -

Im not certain yet whether Im going to use Kirrotaupunki as the dungeon or try and figure something out with lava tubes and the volcanoe. But that's for a later week.

Also, I'm going to be really tempted to do random encounter tables, but it's already the next week as Im writing this post so I really shouldn't work on week 2 anymore.

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