Monday, March 11, 2019

Magic Items: 10 more rare/magic items for your players to steal.

Hey, remember the first one of these posts I made more than a half a year ago? You know, when I said that I would make four more of them? Well, here's the second one.

1. Souldrain: A magical sickle, it drains the enemies morale. For every successful attack this weapon makes against a sentient being, they take one point of wisdom damage, once they lose all their wisdom, they go insane. After facing this weapon, you can recover any wisdom damage received along with a long rest.

2. Expanding Fungus: A purple fungus held in a glass jar. It feeds on microorganisms trapped in the air, such as dead cells (dust), this causes it to rapidly expand when exposed to any place where it has food (anywhere where life exists). It cannot feed off of humans in a way drastic enough to kill them, though it will destroy the first few layers of skin, leaving you itchy due to all the fresh exposed skin. It is impossible to walk through, and will suffocate anyone who is trapped inside it (there is no air in there, only Co2), it is good at blocking off doorways quickly.

3. Book of Advice: It looks like a four page paper pocket manual, bound together by a brownish-red string. In reality, it's a trapped demon. It dispenses valuable advice when you need it, while also hinting at the fact that it is a trapped demon. It wants you to free it, and to return all of its favors, you kind of have to.

4. Ace up the Sleeve: A magically enchanted playing card that shows whatever you want on the face.

5. Monocle of Seeing: Faintly outlines all creatures with a golden glow, every time you're hit, save to prevent it from falling onto the floor and breaking.

6. Pointer Ring: It's a laser pointer, except it's a magical ring. Animals are compelled to chase it around. Maybe it would be useful for presentations?

7. Ring of Falling: The opposite of a ring of feather fall, it makes you fall faster, and hit the floor harder. It makes a short drop deadly, such as stepping off of a carriage. You probably shouldn't use it yourself, but maybe give it away?

8. Fixed Pin: Its a pin, but when you press the pinhead, it floats in place. It can stab through anything that a normal pin could, such as paper.

9. Everlocked Doorknob: It's a doorknob, it's always locked, any attempts to unlock it fail, magical or otherwise. You could move it by dismantling it, but what's the point?

10. Ring of water Breathing: While you wear it, you can breathe water, but you can't breathe oxygen. Too much usage can cause lung issues.

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