Monday, August 17, 2020

Rainforest Creatures - Ccoa, Suuri Snail, and Jokaihdin


HD 5 Attack 1d10 lightning (1d6 burst) Defense 2 Move 15, fly 24 Morale 16 Save 15

Lightning The lightning selects a random target among creatures or certain objects within a 10 meter radius of the Ccoa, dealing burst damage to all creatures surrounding the target.

Hailstorm As it moves, the Ccoa drops hail behind it dealing 1d4 damage to creatures it hits.

Description Grey cats with fluffy tails and slightly oversized heads. When threatened, they turn into dark, grey stormclouds with yellow eyes piercing through.

Suuri Snail

HD 5 Attack Rasp 1d8 Defense 6 Move 4 Morale 5 Save 14

Rasp On a hit, deals 1d8 as normal, but on a miss, reduces the attacked creatures AC by 1.

Acidic Touch The suuri snail can choose to use it's turn to excrete a layer of acid on it's skin which deals 1d4 damage to anything touching the suuri snail's foot.

Stasis By sealing itself in it's shell, the suuri snail becomes inert and temporarily immune to damage until it leaves stasis. If it's shell is broken through during this time, the suuri snail's foot will be sucked out of the hole created.

Description A massive terrestrial snail with an oblong shell. It is predatory, eating either other gastropods or if necessary, plants. They follow a migratory pattern to look for food which is used by some as a transportation method.


HD 6 Attack Bite 1d10 (4 meter reach), Tail 1d6 (3 meter reach) Defense 4 Move 12, 8 swim Morale 15 save 11

Inflate The two flaps situated at the sides of the jokaihdin's neck can be inflated, allowing the jokaihdin to float if need be, but also as a defensive measure to both intimidate and move potential attackers away from it. While it's neck is inflated like this, it cannot use it's bite attack.

Description A sauropod dinosaur with flaps of skin hanging from it's neck and sides. It walks along the riverbed with it's neck held above the water.

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