Monday, February 26, 2018

Magic Items: 20 Custom Rare/Magic Items for Your Players to Steal

     Been a while, but my page was down. Which I was thankfully able to fix. After all, what would you do without me? Anyways, this is the start of a series of five (at least for now) posts that I will be making, so at the end, We should be at 100 magic items. Let's begin, shall we?

1. Pen of Messaging: This pen, when used to write on a paper, will send a mental thought of the      message to another person. It reads exactly what is on the paper. (fun roleplaying if bad grammar is involved)

2. Shifter's Armor: Made with a series of buckles and straps, this armor, which can come in many varieties, comes undone, and falls off when the user shifts out of human form. (this item does not give off a magical aura)

3. Shifter's Claws: (this one is meant specifically for the Shifter class) a set of gauntlets that morph along with the user's hands, allowing a shifter to deal an additional 1d4 damage.

4. Poisoner's Vial: Once per day, you can fill this ceramic vial with water, by the end of the day, the water will have turned into a single vial of potion.

5. Ring of Bad Judgement: when worn, this ring causes a -2 penalty to all wisdom based rolls. This is a cursed item. The player does not know about this effect.

6. Goggles of Violence: when worn, these goggles grant a +1 bonus to all rolls made while in a rage, the DC to get the user out of a rage, however, increase by 4.

7. Seductress' Corset: An extremely tight corset that allows you to, once per day, use a spell-like ability as charm. When used, you must make a DC 13 fortitude save or faint.

8. Black Book: a book containing a list of names, it also has an inked arrow that points in the direction of the person, a person's name is crossed off if they are dead.

9. Folding Table: A square metal cube weighing nearly nothing with a button on the side, when pressed, it expands into a small table that can seat two people comfortably.

10. Quick-Flick Rapier: This is a gold embossed rapier that allows a second attack per round, this does not incur the normal two-weapon fighting penalties, and takes up the time of a single attack.

11. Mask of Identity: When touched to a dead body, this mask takes on their characteristics, when it is worn, You gain the voice and features of that person, the features can be replaced once a week.

12. Talisman of Blinding: On command, this necklace can either blast out a single blast of light, causing all creatures in the room to make a save vs. blinding, or it can be used to give four hours of dim lighting, It must be placed under the sun for two hours in order to charge this ability.

13. Shell of the Golden Kappa: A golden shield decorated like a tortoise shell, this shield has the ability reflect evocation magic attacks, however, due to the uneven surface, It will reflect in a random direction, chosen by whatever method suits you.

14. Dark Destiny: This powerful sword takes the shape and properties of your preferred weapon, but always deals 1d12 damage, every time you kill a creature with this weapon, you need to succeed at a DC 20 will save or the weapon will devour your soul. Only a wish or miracle can restore the soul.

15. Scouter's Lens: when held over the eye, you can see an arial view of your surroundings, things that would block a bird's vision, such as trees, blocks yours too.

16. Box of Secrets: on command, this locked box bursts into flames, leaving nothing behind. (This includes metals.

17. Spacious Wagon: A covered wagon that works like a bag of holding, except people can sit in it as well. (This is OP, but would be cool for a smuggling operation, especially if the objects being smuggled are humans...)

18. Devourer Gem: A diamond you put part of your mind into, allows you to cast multiple spells at once, but you take a -2 penalty on all spells based rolls, and also for intelligence based skill checks, the penalty for skill checks can be reduced to neutral by having someone hold the gem up to your ear, this only works for spells if you are not attempting to cast both spells. treat this item as an intelligent item with the PCs personality, the PC does not share consciousness with the gem.

19. Ever Changing Map: A map of a certain area (most likely a continent), it displays a compass that moves with you on the paper, It also shows various weather patterns, and changes political borders immediately after disputes over them are settled.

20. Hat of Secrets: A hat that can have small objects stored inside it, up to 4 items that weigh 1 lb. or less, when you reach into the hat, you can pull the object out, the objects sit in another dimensional space, as bag of holding, and thus cannot be seen, and do not fall out of the hat when held upside down.

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