Sunday, April 05, 2020

Classes: Ruffian and Hunter


You gain +1 HP and +1 Save vs. Fear for each Ruffian Template you possess.

Starting Equipment: Light Armor, Polearm, Small Weapon.

Starting Skill (1d3): Mountaineering, Farmer, Blacksmith.

[A]: Rush of Battle[B]: Trophies[C]: Diehard, Adrenaline[D]: Feat of Strength

Rush of BattleWhenever your opponent fails an attack roll against you, you may attempt a combat maneuver.

TrophiesYou can collect trophies from fresh corpses. While wearing a trophy, you get +1 against all of that creature's special abilities, and creatures of that type get -1 to saves vs. fear against you; this bonus stacks.

DiehardYou have 4 rounds to remove fatal wounds.

AdrenalineWhenever you would take lethal damage, you can choose to make a Con check, if you succeed, you can ignore any injuries taken from that attack, and gain an additional fatal wound when the injury takes effect.

Feat of StrengthOnce per day at any time, you can choose to have 20 Strength for 1 round.


You move up 1 foraging die for each Hunter template you possess: 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12.
Starting Equipment: Light Armor, Crossbow, 20 Bolts, Small Weapon, Twine (20 ft.), Bell.

Starting Skills (1d3): Tracker, Cartographer, Woodcutter.

[A]: Scouting
[C]: Danger Sense, Traps
[D]: Deadly Opportunist

If you have spent at least five minutes observing an outdoor or dungeon area without being discovered by potential enemies, the first actions by yourself and your allies in that area gain a +4 situational bonus. This bonus does not apply if there have been significant changes in the area since it was observed.

Whenever you gain a situational bonus in an attack roll (e.g. surprise, elevation, etc.) you deal an additional 1d6 damage.

Danger Sense
Whenever you are surprised, you have a 50% chance to act on the surprise round anyway.

You can spend 10 minutes in natural terrain to manufacture and set traps.Traps can be set immediately or carried around (they take up 1 Inventory Slot). Enemies that walk into your trap must make a Dex check with a -4 penalty or suffer its effects. You can choose a reasonable effect, such as: 1d6 damage, an immobilizing snare, or noisemakers. 
You can add additional effects, but each one beyond the first gives your target a +2 bonus on their Dexterity check. If you have additional resources (poisons, flammable oils) you can create more types of traps.

Deadly Opportunist
Your damage from Opportunist increases to 2d6.

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