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Play Report: First Session in the Serpentshire

     I'm gonna start writing a play report, as I recently started a campaign with level 1 characters, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Below will be a summary of the first session of my new game, since the players were mostly new to RPGs, and all new to OSR, I decided to run Tomb of the Serpent Kings by Skerples, which also fit well with the area I had fleshed out called the Serpentshire, which I may write a post on in the future. For any interested, we use the GLOG homebrew system by Arnold K.

     Anyways, here's an overview of the characters:

Mercer Tomson - Level 1 Fighter

Syrus Borson - Level 1 Summoner

Daemon Bloodraven - Level 1 Alchemist

Gideon - Level 1 God-Mouth Paladin - Absent

First Session in the Serpentshire

     Syrus and Mercer, friends since childhood who grew up very differently, made their way into the nearby tavern, The Prancing Pony, looking to hire someone to help them as they traveled to the Tomb of the Serpent Kings, an up to this point undiscovered but rumored location, where the last king of the Serpentfolk who used to rule the land was buried, Syrus had found directions to get there, and was motivated by the fact that there were entities rumored to be there.

     The two friends sat down at the bar, a drunken man sat next to them and took a drink from his mug. Mercer asked about hiring him. Daemon, the man who sat at the counter, was confused about the man who had asked to hire him without explaining what for. After a little coercion, mostly by virtue of undiscovered treasure, which Daemon saw as more drinking money, he had become convinced, and made his way out of the town with the two strangers who hired him for the promise of money. Daemon made a request to leave to pick some things up from his house before leaving. He grabbed his bag, along with a picture of his fallen comrades from the war, then found the two others waiting outside the city walls upon his return, they made their way south, where the directions told them to go.

     At sundown of the first day, they encountered two farmers hauling apples from their orchard back to the city the group had come from, cleverly named Traedmond, when a howling war cry was heard from the tree-line. A group of raiding fungus goblins (actually from the tomb), had decided to attack.

     Syrus was quick to summon Crentos, the first entity he had discovered, the trees leaves were stripped from them as they swirled around to mask his materialization. Daemon was jaw-drop impressed, but Mercer was used to it. Crentos was able to quickly take out three of the six attacking goblins with his sword, but one retaliated by shoving it's cutlery pole-arm into the head of the knight.

     Daemon was the next to respond, he took a swig of his true-strike potion, a drug that helped him focus more on the current task, then made an attack with his dagger that allowed him to take out another two of the creatures.

     Mercer was last to respond, but only because he had to ready his bow, he fired at the last of the remaining fungus goblins, and easily took it out.

     The farmers thanked the group by giving them some of the apples they were planning to trade, and as it was nearing the end of the day, they also offered them a place to sleep, a place sort of like a medieval truck-stop.

     By the time the players woke up, the farmers were gone, and they began their journey once again, Today, they would be leaving the path in order to make their way to the tomb. On their first day, nothing much happened, Mercer tried to get a deer at one point, but he only spooked it and caused it to run away. That night, Daemon saw an owl while on watch, which was supposed to be considered a good omen. Their second day was also uneventful, but Syrus had botched his navigation skills and caused them to travel west for a day, they had pushed their arrival from about a day-and-a-half, to two full days of travel. The next day, Syrus found a ripped up old satchel strewn in a tree, they immediately became suspicious of the surrounding area, thinking they would be attacked again, when they decided they were safe, they checked it out, and found it to be full of old moldered food that crumbled away at the touch, but also an old silver canteen, containing some very aged whiskey. Their next day of travelling brought them to the Tomb of the Serpent Kings entrance. it had text written around the door which Daemon was able to read, and he named off Moranoth, whose name was written on the doors. (I had to tell them it was the tomb, they actually thought it was the Mines of Moria), Dust billowed outward after they managed to open the door.

     Daemon triggered the first poison trap by punching it, and dropped a lot of his hit points, so he used his healing potion, a drug that heals people. He probably shouldn't have. After that though, the group quickly realized how they could break the others in a way that allowed them time to escape without taking any damage. They also got the silver ring, and were able to fill two glass vials with some poison gas, nobody put the ring on yet. While that happened, Syrus was checking out the door at the end of the hall. Syrus noticed that there was some kind of mechanism involved by lifting the slab a little. they came up with a plan where two people would hold down the hangers, while the third lifted up the slab and they opened the door. While Syrus and Mercer were able to make it through, Daemon went a little lax as he moved through the doorway, and he failed to move out of the way in time before the hammer hit him.

     Daemon received four fatal wounds, and only two of them were healed in time, the potion would have been enough to solve the problem, but it had already been used. Daemon passed away on an unfulfilled promise, but he was able to see his friends again in the afterlife.

     Mercer and Syrus then looked at the room they were in, it contained three painted wooden coffins, along with a bunch of fake treasure, they didn't really think about it, and just decided to open more coffins. After Mercer had been dropped to 0 hit points by the second skeleton, they decided not to open the third.

     They thought the last room was pointless, it was just a statue of a snake god, and a bunch of water on the floor, after one of them made a knowledge check, I told them it was the snake god of secrets, they still didn't know what the point of the room was, when they finally started investigating the statue, I told them there was a gap between the floor, and the base of the statue that suggested there was something down there. They opened it expecting a treasure hoard, They found out that it was more tomb. They haven't noticed that the entire first part was fake, but that was probably my fault for putting the truth on the main entrance. (Then again, the first part is supposed to be his fake tomb anyways, it's not like it was hidden). Anyways, I'm sure they all learned some valuable lessons about OSR from their first session. And hopefully they learned about the statue thing.

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