Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Witch-Hunter: GLOG

     Since I've been using this system lately, I figured I'd convert the Witch-Hunter class to GLOG rules. Also, this class is shit, don't use it at all. This is my first experience with making GLOG classes and it's just awful.


The Witch-Hunter gains +1 save for each template they possess.
   1. Dispel Magic
   2. Hogs-Weave
   3. Second Hogs-Weave
   4. Uncanny Saves, Third Hogs-Weave

Dispel Magic

     Twice per day, and once more when you gain your third template, a witch-hunter can use the effect of dispel magic through their weapons. They can do such things as cleave through magical seals, or sunder magical artifacts, but only after making the appropriate roll.


     Hogsline is the opposite of magic, it's pretty much the balancing force of nature that keeps magic in check. It's what prevents a wizard from destroying the world with a single spell. Basically, a witch-hunter has learned how to weave streams of this force in order to create things. Roll a d4 to see what you can weave. At every new template, roll on this table again, when you gain your fourth template, roll a d6 instead, using the last two on the list.

   1. Hogs-Line Armor: It's an invisible barrier that surrounds you and gives you an additional +2 AC,
       or +2 to saves vs. spells. 
   2. Anti-Magic Missile: Let's you use your dispel magic ability as a ranged attack, doesn't do any 
       damage. Looks like an invisible javelin.
   3. Hogs-Line Net: A net of hogs-line, can be used to hold a spell or spell-caster in place, (because 
       spells live in your head.) Yes, it's an invisible net.
   4. Scroll Canceler: When a caster uses a scroll, you can prevent the link between the spell and 
       caster from activating, causing it to malfunction, probably in a hilarious way. Just have the caster 
       make a save.

   5. Hogs-Line Field: You create a 20 foot field of concentrated hogs-line around yourself, anyone 
       who enters must save or be unable to cast spells while in the field.
   6. Hogs-Line Borer: Creates a small drill out of hogs-line, when it enters a wizards skull, they must 
       make two saves. If they fail both, they permanently forget a random spell.

Uncanny Saves

    Once per day, when a Witch-Hunter would fail a save, they can re-roll the save.

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